I’m Jon.

I make cinema-grade Video Marketing that helps Creative Businesses sell and get seen.

I’ve helped to fill theatres, sell out experiences and move millions of dollars of stuff on the internet.

✨Let’s have fun.✨

I’m Jon.

I make cinema-grade Video Marketing that helps Creative Businesses sell and get seen.

I’ve helped to fill theatres, sell out experiences and move millions of dollars of stuff on the internet.

✨Let’s have fun.✨

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Bro/Sis, video damn strong now sia

(you want to siam also cannot)

TikTok is video. Instagram is video.

Your uncle aunty send thing in the Whatsapp family chat is also video.

But then ah… your business got no video. Or maybe your video SUCK.

Like that how sia? Eat grass ah?

Don’t scared, I make video for you.

My video sometimes is very siao. Sometimes is prims and proper.

Depends lah, must see who your customer first. Then custom make for them. That’s why is call CUSTOM-er.

When they know a video is custom make for them, they see ready will automatic love you deep deep.

Then the wallet will open big big.

Then… you can buy Lambo.

You want? Then faster press the button downstairs.

I’ve been looking for you!

Every platform’s turning into TikTok and the world’s hooked on video – including your customers.

But you already knew that.

You’ve probably been thinking about creating video for months but…

Being a business owner means you’re juggling a million things. And video’s fallen under “I’ll do it later”.

The solutions available don’t make sense for you either. Good agencies cost way too much and production houses leave too much brain work to you.

You’re looking for someone to:

  • Communicate directly with you from start to finish.
  • To craft a solution based on your unique goals while leveraging your unique resources.
  • To handle the full scope of production.
  • And most importantly, someone who’ll continue to guide you when the project’s complete, so you can continue to grow.

My clients were looking for the same thing.

Then they found me. Or rather, we found each other.

I do this because I’m passionate about passionate entrepreneurs. People who’ve built careers around what they believe in. I believe in them. And I believe in you.

If you love what you do but you’re struggling with video, I’m here to help.

Jon familiarizes himself with the creative core of each project, has excellent work ethics with a great creative eye for detail. I would not hesitate to recommend his services in an instant.



Here’s my best work

(They’ve won some awards)

I’ve engaged Jon for projects locally and internationally for over 5 years and he truly is one of the best in the business!
He’s reliable, trustworthy and looks after your best interests.



My Services

Video Production

Sometimes I’m hired to Shoot, Direct, Edit and leave the marketing hat at home. I’m known for my quirky, comedic stories and whimsical visuals. My team and I will take care of you from concept to delivery for Promos, Trailers, Explainers, Web Ads, Brand Videos and Music Videos





Video Marketing

Creative-centric Marketing Strategy paired with Cinema-grade Video Production, tailored and scaled to fit your resources and goals. I’ll be your marketing team’s best friend… or be your marketing team. For rapid launches & promos or future-focused organic growth.






Wanna make your art, run your biz and have EVERYTHING else handled? I won’t do your taxes, but my team and I will take on virtually everything you need to market a show, product, class or service. It’s like having a whole agency & production house without any of the fluff.






How much do you charge?

Project budgets can vary widely depending on your goals. Let’s talk.

Am I guaranteed a booking?

No… but I’ll try my damned best. Because I work 1-1 with all my clients I can only take on a handful of projects each quarter.

Sounds unsustainable, why do you work 1-1 with your clients?

It’s more fun that way. Many clients have become long time friends that I hang with frequently.

Are you like… just one guy?

Nope. I have a team that supports me and frequent collaborators that make things possible.

You’ve helped “move million dollars of stuff on the internet”?

Yes. Before I was a filmmaker, I was a freelance marketer that helped very small businesses sell incredibly expensive digital products in some of the most competitive niches. That’s how I got good at marketing.

Did you go to film school?

No, I’m 100% self-taught. Filmmaking was a hobby that coincidentally became the most powerful marketing medium with where social media has headed. So I put in the practice… and tens of thousands of dollars into equipment.

Would you want to speak at our event / come on our podcast etc. ?

Hit me up – I’m very passionate about helping younger creatives. And entrepreneurship at all levels.

Are you hiring?

Drop me a message!

Pineapple on pizza?

Yes. Sugar on prata too, with curry. Sue me.