100% lEGAL steroidS for SOLOPRENEURS

Side-effects include massive confidence, lightness of the soul and uncontainable excitement about your business.

You already have the answers - no one knows your business like you do. The problem is your answers are buried with the billion other thoughts running through your mind. My role is to help unearth those answers and and turn them into actionable steps you can put on a to-do list.

I do this with a blend of life & business coaching techniques along with 17 years of personal experience as a creative solopreneur. Wether you're dealing with burnout, a lack of direction or need help making a decision, I'm here to help.

Jon practically cured my imposter syndrome in one call? 😱😱 I feel like a completely different Glenda now 🥹🥹

Emcee, Party Host and  Entertainer, Pegasus Experiences

Glenda Ng

"I do many things, how do I create a personal brand that blends them?"

"How do I raise my prices without feeling icky?"

"What should I prioritize to move my business forward?"

"I've created my dream job but I'm burning out, help!"


"Nothing’s wrong with my business but I feel so stuck, what do I do?"

"How do I quit my job and start freelancing? Give me a plan!"

"I only have word-of-mouth referrals, how do I get leads?!"

"Social scares the shit outta me, how the **** do I market myself?"

Here are some

I could do the same for you. Just sayin'

Financial Consultant, Actor,

Rochelle E.

I came away not with answers that I wanted, but answers that I needed. Lay it all out and just let him help you man.You'll be in good hands: safe, heard and guided!

Konmari Consultant

Jinda J.

I can’t believe I gained so much clarity while laughing so much in a coaching session. It was so so fun, yet mind blowing at the same time. I came out of the session feeling really empowered and knowing exactly what to do next


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